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Welcome to Pedity Documentation

Pedity is a decentralized content platform taking a novel approach with a reward sharing platform.

It's a platform that allows content creators to connect with readers and share content without censorship, AI algorithms and a complete ad-free experience.

Pedity is in active development and is trying to make blockchain technology easier for people

Pedity is the first decentralized app built on Stellar and IPFS.


Content Creators

  • No censorship of content
  • Earn rewards for your content in a unique ways
  • Your content always remain available on blockchain
  • You don't require any approval for creating content
  • You can share your goals with readers to reach them faster
  • You get a decentralized blog without any technical hassle
  • Connect with readers in a real experience and not "Followers"


  • You remain in control of your private key
  • You can support your creator without any payment fees
  • No algorithm decides what you read and learn
  • You don't get distracted from advertisements


  • Earn rewards for hosting PEDI content
  • Create your decentralized blog on Pedity
  • You can create a similar node to Pedity to host content
  • Active nodes create community to gain profit
  • Create a decentralized blog to share your organization updates

Pedity API will be available for public release by Alpha 1.0.